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Social Network Analyses

Social network analysis
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Exchange structure analysis
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Enrolments by Date

Discussion Activity

Interaction and Completion
Completion rates of students who performed the following tasks

Quick Statistics
Signed into the course655
Passed (>80%) all quizzes106
Downloaded a certificate
Discussion messages1781
Messages by facilitators192
Messages by students1589
Students who posted265
Posts per student6.0
· Standard deviation17.57
Words per student post72.1
· Standard deviation66.8
Words per facilitator post92.4
· Standard deviation
Pre-course surveys* completed289
User Experience surveys* completed68
Female, pre-course65%
Female, completed68%
English first language, pre-course70%
English first language, completed74%
Holding no degree28%
College/undergraduate degree31%
Graduate student or above41%

*Survey questions