MODULE 1: What is learning? What kind of a learner are you?
The topics for this first module are:
  • What is knowledge?
  • What is learning?
  • How do we learn? (A basic overview of theories of learning)
  • How do know we have learned? (Types of and responses to assessment)
  • Types of learners/learning preferences
  • Identifying your personal learning preferences, also known as your learning profile.

MODULE 2: Online learning: what can you expect in the online learning environment?
The topics for the second module are:
  • Common misconceptions, fears and perceived obstacles surrounding online learning
  • Basic attributes of the online learning environment
  • How online learning differs from face-to-face learning

MODULE 3: What do online courses look like and how do they work?
The topics for the third module are:
  • Types of online courses and how they differ
  • Common components of online courses
  • How the above components typically fit together
  • Rationale for and purpose of these types of course delivery

MODULE 4: What things do successful online learners do?
The topics for the fourth module are:
  • Exploration and development of strategies for success
  • Self-direction strategies: planning, monitoring
  • Communication strategies: adapting to online communication versus in-person communication
  • Support strategies: knowing why and how to get help
  • Engagement strategies: developing/maintaining an online presence (eg. participation in network of fellow learners, etc.)

MODULE 5: Putting it all together: developing your personal strategies for success in online learning.
The topics for the final module are:
  • Designing and sharing strategies for success in online learning
  • Providing feedback to other learners
  • Building out your personal learning network